How to Buy the Best Hedge Trimmer

Most people keep hedges round their gardens for privacy as well as security purposes. Often, hedges overgrow and may end up losing their formation. As such, there is always need to keep checking the size of the hedges so that if they are overgrown, trimming is done. Otherwise, if you allow them to lose formation, […]

bird houses

How to Make a Bird Feeder

Step 1 Mark out the board, to give the following pieces: Base  150mm x 203mm ; 2 gable ends  185mm x 90mm. Draw a line across the gable end pieces 25mm from one end. Draw from the centre points to each end of this line to mark out the angle of the gable ends ; […]



‘Forcing’ Rhubarb With established rhubarb, you can get an early crop by ‘forcing’ it.  All this means is that you get the plant to send up stalks earlier than usual by covering the crowns and thereby excluding light. There are special day forcing pots you can buy for this but a large plastic pot will […]

The Medicinal Uses Of Less-Known Plants

CREEPING JENNY (LYSIMACHIA NUMMULARIA) This perennial has a long history in its native Europe and was picked in moss, wrapped in bulrush leases and taken to the battlefields in soldiers’ travelling bags. Teas made from the herb were given to wounded soldiers and the sprigs were bound as a compress for wounds. GROWING Plant it […]


How to grow large onions

If you like large onions, this information is especially for you. Although large onions are often grown and used on the show bench they are also a useful addition to the vegetable plot. They might grow into large specimens but have a sweet mild flavour, ideal for slicing in a salad or adding as whole […]