How to Buy the Best Hedge Trimmer

Most people keep hedges round their gardens for privacy as well as security purposes. Often, hedges overgrow and may end up losing their formation. As such, there is always need to keep checking the size of the hedges so that if they are overgrown, trimming is done. Otherwise, if you allow them to lose formation, they may end up becoming a disgrace or even affecting the crops growing in your garden. Moreover, they will make you home look disorderly and allow for the growth of weeds. A good hedge trimming requires the homeowner to have a hedge trimmer.

Due to their importance, many types of battery-powered cutters are available. Similarly, many sellers stock hedge trimmers. Choosing the most appropriate hedge trimmer as well as knowing where to buy on from is thus not an easy task. It, therefore, requires thorough scrutiny of available types before decisions can be made on the best hedge trimmer to buy. The right hedge trimmer will greatly depend on the type of hedges you have in your garden.

Electric hedge trimmers

Electric hedge trimmers are usually light in weight. They require being connected to the mains for them to operate. They are known to be powerful since they are run by electricity.

Cordless hedge trimmer

They do not require to be connected to the mains to operate. They have high-powered batteries, which run them. They can be used far away from the house. The batteries are reachable though they last for a relatively short time thus may require a second battery to complete a job or stopping to recharge batteries.

Petrol hedge trimmers

They are run by petrol. They can be used away from your house. They can be more reliable since you can add petrol when it is over. However, they vibrate and make noise during the work.


Long-reach, extendable hedge trimmers

They have a long shaft capable of being adjusted in length. They can either be electric, petrol or cordless.

Having known the types available, let us look at the features you should look for when buying a hedge trimmer.

Length of the blade

A long blade will make the hedge-trimming job faster. However, a hedge trimmer with a long blade is heavier thus will be more tiring to use. If you have a large hedge to trim, a long blade will be advisable for you to buy. You should balance the speed at which you cut the hedge with the weight you have to carry as you do the work.


Trimming hedges require one to move the hedge trimmer on the hedge. As such, it is tiring to work with a heavy hedge trimmer. Considering other factors such as the blade length, choose a hedge trimmer that is light to carry and over the hedges as you trim it. Weight should not be looked at in isolation but should be married to other features and usability of the hedge trimmer.


Cable length

If you opt to buy the electric trimmer, be sure to check the length of the cable having in mind the distance from the mains to the hedge. It is also possible to use extension cables to increase the distance from your house that the hedge trimmer can reach.


Consider the comfort there is in using different types of hedge trimmers. These include such things as how the handles and switches are made and so on. It may require you to visit the shops and physically try different trimmers to select which one works best for you.


If you opt to go for the cordless hedge trimmers, you need to be careful with your choice based on the batteries. Choose a battery that can last for a reasonable duration of time. You do not need to keep recharging the batteries after ten minutes of work or less. Even if it may require you to recharge the battery during, it should not be too often.


The selection of the most appropriate hedge trimmer requires one to have sufficient knowledge of the types of trimmers available, the hedge to be trimmed as well as the best combination of features to ensure efficiency in trimming the hedge. A thorough analysis should be done to ensure that one buys the right hedge trimmer to do the work at hand.

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