How to choose the right air compressor?

Air compressors are used in many areas which convert electric or gasoline energy into a potential form of energy which is stored in the form of compressed air. We have listed the basic things you need to consider when you are planning to buy a compressor, so you can pick the one you need in comparison to the many air compressors on the market today:

Know why you are buying the air compressor

Are you planning to buy a compressor to do some small projects, hobbies and some minor fixing in and around your house? Or are you buying it to add on to your tool box and use it commercially? After considering the answers to all these questions, decide whether you want a handy one or a heavy duty compressor?

Portable or fixed compressors?

Single stage motors are better for industrial or heavy usage and portable compressors are better if you are using it to work around your home. If your work with the compressor is such that you will be traveling with it, you might want to look for a mini model which is easy to carry as you travel.

If it is going to be in one place, then you can get yourself a sturdy compressor which will stay put. Also, think where you can store if you get a big compressor so you know what size is better.

Things to consider in the compressor:

  • Horsepower: Most air compressors range between 1.5 horsepower to 6.5 horsepower. Some models even let you decide what hP you want in your compressor.
  • Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM): A common figure of CFM is 14.5 PSI at 68 degrees Fahrenheit when there is no humidity.
  • Electricity: Not every construction place or situation has electricity readily available. So do some research on that and see if you need a 110-volt plug or a chargeable compressor or battery operated compressor-whatever suits your need.

The most popular models of air compressors:


This portable compressor is a 12 volt engine which has a maximum working pressure of 60 PSI while the engine is being used. It has a free flow of 0 PSI at 1.26 CFM available at the best price.

It has one of the most popular travel-friendly air compressors for the money that is powered by an auxiliary outlet for power. The tire pressure is easy to figure as it is displayed on the compressor. It includes a bright LED to improve the display.

It is best for using in cars and vehicle emergency kit. It is a compressor of good quality and comes in a sturdy case.

Industrial Air ILA1883054

It is an industrial compressor driven by gallon belt. It comes with a lubricated pump, cast iron and 2 cylinders.

This oil lubricated air compressor high volume motor has dual voltage with a large compressor which needs 120-volt energy. It can even be used at 240 volt after converting. It is a good stationary air compressor worth spending a few extra bucks on.

It has an ASME tank which can hold up to 30 gallons vertically to use on tires, tank, regulators and gauges. It comes with oil that you can lubricate. Unlike other twin cylinder models, it doesn’t cause much leakage of the oil due to long bolts. They are also free of vibrations.

Senco PC1010 Electric Compressor

It is a cheap air compressor under $150 which is easy to carry wherever you want. It works on one horsepower at its peak and half horsepower when it is running with its tank capacity of 1 gallon.

It is great for those who are remodeling and for those who are involved in other home improvement works, wooden crafts, etc. It is powerful enough to drive 20-44 per minute. It comes with a warranty of 1 year.

It is a great buy for those who need a powerful mobile compressor. It is very fast to fill and can easily run increasing the air pressure.

EPAuto 12V Tire Inflator Compressor

This is a convenient budget 12V air compressor for car tires which is so easy to plug in and use that you can use the cigarette lighting socket in your car or truck and power it. It has many uses as it can inflate tires on cars that are big, small and medium alike, sedans and bikes. It comes with inflatables and adapters.

It has 4 display options which are easy to read and understand when you are trying to check the pressure and other factors. It has a LED light which is as bright as the torch. This is a smart compressor which goes off automatically when you reach a good tire pressure.

There is overheating protection which ensures that the machine turns off before overloading. All of this comes at a good cost.

PORTER-CABLE Gas Compressor

Porter cable is one of the best brands making pancake compressors. This is an imported compressor which is long lasting and can be used easily.

It has a maximum tank pressure of 150 PSI. It has a high storage capacity and its tank is filled with air. More air in the tank means it can run longer.

It has a pump that is oil free making it easy to carry without spending much. It has a tank which is pancake styled and with a valve to drain the water out. Feet is made of rubber. This affordable gas air compressor is fully gas powered.

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