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What to Know When Buying a Hot Tub Cover

Homes are the places people will spend most of their time. People get to interact with friends and family at home. It is at home where people relax after work and during their free time. Homes are supposed to offer the households the most comfortable conditions to be in without necessarily having to pay extra money. Having a home thus should reduce as much as possible the need for outsourcing services or facilities that can be acquired at home. Consequently, home need to be well equipped. The facilities at home should be the best and up to date. They should be cost effective as compared to the alternative option, which is outsourcing.


Hot tubs are among the facilities that make life at home luxurious. You should know some things before purchasing a hot tub cover. First, you consider the foam thickness. Most of the covers available have some level of tapering of the foam. The thickness of the foam determines how smooth the flow of water, ice, snow among other will flow. For the people living in the cold areas where the temperatures are low, getting a high foam thickness could be a good option. The benefit is that the large layer of foam will increase the rate of insulation from the cold outside. It will as well help to bear the weight of the snow that that might form on top of the tub.

Another thing to consider while buying a hot tub cover is the foam density. It follows that, just like foam thickness, the higher is the foam density, the more the strength there will be in the in holding the load and insulation. The load here refers to the ice or scovernow formed on top of the tub during the cold seasons. Consequently, if the density of the foam is high, it means that it can withstand more weight thus offers more insulation. A lighter hot tub cover can serve the purpose.

Locks are also important considerations you should know. Locking the hot tubs helps reduce the risk of children drowning in the hot tub in the absence of adults. Young children tend to move around your home and may reach where your tub is located. It becomes dangerous since the amount of water contained in the tub is enough to drown them to death. Moreover, pets may as well be in endangered by leaving the hot tub open. As such, consider how lockable the covers are to ensure the safety of children and pets.

You should also know about the poly wrap. The poly wrap is a barrier for moisture around the foam core. Consider the thickness of the poly wrap. Do not go for the thin ones –those bellow two millimeters. You should look for poly wraps that are taped since they do not stand up to moisture. The advantage is that they will not make the top of your hot tub waterlogged.


It is also worth noting the type of vinyl used on the cover. Best hot tub covers will use marine grade vinyl. They allow for long hours of direct sunlight without fading as well as preventing the formation of mildew on your cover. It is recommended that one go for the darker hot tub covers so that they can reduce the chances of fading thus giving your yard a beautiful look.

While exploring options on which hot tub cover to buy, it is also prudent that you know the type of cover protection in the in the different covers available. The cover protection helps protect your cover during the winter season. It also protects you cover from chemical filled condensation, which eats away the underside of your cover. Moreover, the cover protection help reduces the rate at which your cover depreciates.

Besides, you need to know about the type of hinges used on the cover. Among the major reasons for having a hot tub cover is reducing heat loss. As such, check to see if the hinges comply with the need. However good the cover might be, if the hinges allow heat loss, it will nullify the quality of the cover. Consequently, make sure you go for that cover whose hinges are heat tight.

In conclusion, it is always wise that before you make any purchase decision, you understand fully what to buy and from which seller. A good cover will help conserve heat and hence reduce the heating costs. It will ensure the safety of both your children and pets. It also gives you home an elegant look. Besides the factors discussed above, it is also good to be aware of the prices available for different varieties to settle at the most favorable option.


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