Who Makes the Best Routers for Woodworking

A wood router is one of the most important and essential woodworking tools because it adds ornamental detail that defines and enhances the final look of your woodworking project. If used appropriately, this woodworking tool is just like a paintbrush to an artist. A router is a flexible tool that could be used for various tasks, and this includes rabbeting and making dado grooves. However, it is important to find the best router for woodworking to make the most out of the tool. So what are the best routers for woodworking and who makes them?

Types of wood routers

Basically, there are four types of woodworking routers in the market – laminate trimmers, lightweight or low powered routers, medium powered routers and finally high powered routers in the 3-4 HP range. Laminate trimmers are ideal for lightweight tasks such as making hinge mortises. If you need more horsepower for light weight chores, then a lightweight router will make a perfect fit.


Medium and high powered routers are best for plunging large bits deep into the hardwood for making mortises and similar tasks. Now that you know the types of routers, it is time to find out who makes the best woodworking routers (all types of routers) for your particular end usage. Any manufacturer who provides routers with following features is supposed to make the best routers.

High-quality carbide tipped router bits

An ideal woodworking router features quality carbide tipped router bits. They could be sharpened multiple times. Also, they don’t burn and load up if they are kept sharp.

Medium weight


If you want to buy a hand-held router, a heavy weight device will be hard to manage. Also, you will get tired using heavy routers all day long. A quality router is the one that comes with medium weight and does the best job without any issue.

Comfort and control

Find out how you will be hanging onto the router when it is cutting. Make sure the handles are comfortable for continuous usage. Also, be sure that the material and shape of the handle let you control the router properly with no problem. An ideal choice would be a router with a “D” handle, which gives better feel and control.

Variable speed feature

While using a router, you may need to vary the speed depending on the type and need of the task. You ought to make sure that the router you are considering allows you to vary the speed without spinning and falling. In addition to making your job easy, it will avoid any possible accidents during speed variation.

Safety consideration

Always look for a router that has a “soft” start-up. It means the router should not spin out of your hand when you increase its speed. Instead, the device should stay fit in your hand and increase the speed gradually to avoid any issue.


Obviously, you don’t want to dent your budget on buying a woodworking router. A quality router should fit well within your budget while allowing you to carry out all sorts of woodworking chores smoothly.

Now that you know what makes the best woodworking routers, finding the right router for your woodworking projects need not be a problem. Just look for brands that provide routers with the above features to choose an ideal one. Brands that offer routers with aforementioned features are supposed to make the best routers for woodworking.

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